Our handmade solid copper jewelry is currently AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE US & CANADA (Limited 30+ day international delivery available.)
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Solid Copper Carnelian Beaded Bracelet CBGEMC Gemstone Copper Bead Bracelet

Celtic Copper

Solid Copper Carnelian Beaded Bracelet CBGEMC Gemstone Copper Bead Bracelet


The earthy fire of Carnelian Agate glows like an ember of strength and passion. A member of the quartz family of colored gemstones, Carnelian Agate is a hardwearing gemstone appropriate for people of distinction, power and leadership.

The solid copper stretch bracelet is a pleasing mix of style and comfort. The intricate Indian embellishment of solid copper pipeline beads blends beautifully with the smooth bright 6 mm Carnelian gemstone beads.

Prefer a traditional clasp bracelet? We've got you covered. The copper beads pictured in the clasp bracelet are the the current batch of solid copper embellishments. The difference is in the number of rings at either end of the central design of the handmade copper bead. All of our copper jewelry designs now feature the new three-ring design of the copper pipeline bead.

Bracelet Sizes:
Celtic Copper bracelet, anklet and chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp. Your bracelet-size and your wrist-size are two different things.
Celtic Copper offers three standard sizes and numerous custom sizing options. Custom size jewelry is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

How To Find Your Best Fitting Bracelet Size:
Measure a bracelet that you know already fits comfortably or take a new measurement. Wrap a tape measure, string or folded piece of paper around the wrist just behind the wrist bone. Add approximately one inch to the measurement of your wrist to calculate your best fitting bracelet size. For a snug fit add less than an inch, for a more relaxed fit add up to an inch-and-a-half. Thick bracelet chains and bracelets with extra large beads fit best with an inch or more added to the measurement of your wrist.

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