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Copper Jewelry Sizes and Charts

solid copper jewelry with a perfect fit

Celtic Copper chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp. 

There are three standard sizes per chain-style and numerous custom sizing options to consider when ordering jewelry chains. 

THE PERFECT FIT FORMULA for Anklets, Bracelets, and Necklaces is a quick how-to course in finding your best fitting jewelry size. 


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What are you wearing right now?
The neckline of your garment is one of the most critical elements of fashion.

So is knowing your personal style. What’s in your wardrobe - classic crew, button-up, button-down, V-neck, scoop neck, turtleneck, straps? The only thing that doesn’t work is when your necklace awkwardly meets the neckline. Celtic Copper offers standard sizes and custom options in almost every department, including copper necklaces and pendant chains.  

Know the best drape for your fit and function. The 18-inch and 20-inch pendant chain necklace lengths are by far the most popular; perfect for classic crewneck t-shirts, sweaters, and button up casual. They have the advantage of staying close to heart when you lean over and rarely dangle anywhere they are not supposed to. 

An eighteen-inch necklace, on a 13-inch neck, drapes just below the collar bone and place your pendant high on the chest. Twenty-inch necklace chains create the same flattering drape for larger neck measurements.

Going Longer… If you want to be able to see and admire your own pretty pendant, chain or string of pearls; go with the longer, “over-the-head” length known as opera length. The “opera length” necklace is 26 - 36 inches long and offers many attractive options. Opera length necklaces are great paired with V-necks, scoop necks, turtle necks, strapless, low-cut blouses, shirts, and camisoles.


the perfect fit formula for ordering jewelry online

Your bracelet size and your wrist size are two different things!

The best way to get the perfect size anklets, bracelets and necklaces online is to use the Perfect Fit Formula by Celtic Copper. 

Follow our 3-step formula for a perfect fitting chain and beaded bracelets. We made it look complicated but it’s pretty simple: 



  1. Measure: Wrap a tape measure, string or folded piece of paper around the wrist just behind the wrist bone. Record the circumference of your wrist.
  2. Modify: Note the size of your wrist, the type of fit you prefer and the thickness of the chosen bracelet.
  3. Math: Add approximately one inch to the measurement of your wrist in order to calculate the best fitting bracelet size.


  • Thick and Thin: Thicker bracelet chains and bracelets with large beads require a little more length to get around a wrist than their thinner counterparts. For thick and extra heavy bracelets, the fit best is with an inch or more added to the measurement of your wrist.
  • Favorite Fit: For a snug fit, add approximately half an inch for fine chains, and three-quarters for a heavy chain. For a more relaxed fit, add more than an inch.
  • Metric: Run your centimeters through an online inch-to-mm calculator to find your US bracelet size.
  • Math-resistant: Avoid mathematical formulas. Measure a bracelet that you know already fits comfortably around your wrist!
  • Cuff Bracelets: Cuff bracelets require slightly different sizing parameters. 


The size of your ankle and your anklet-size are two different things ...

For example, if you have a 9-inch anklet that works well for you, order a 9-inch anklet. Your new anklet will be 9-inches.

If your ankle measures 9-inches, the best fitting anklet will range between 10 and 11-inches, depending on personal preference.


Here is how to find your perfect fit with the Perfect Fit Formula: 


  • Math-Free-Method: The easiest way to find your anklet size is to measure an ankle chain that you know already fits comfortably.
  • Take a new measurement: Wrap a tape measure, string or folded piece of paper around the ankle behind above the ankle bone.
  • Do the math: Add approximately one inch to the ankle measurement to calculate the best fitting anklet size. 
  • Modify: Note the size of your ankle, the type of fit you prefer and the thickness of the chosen anklet. Elastic beaded anklets can flex and comfortably hug the ankle more closely than non-stretchy anklets. Beaded anklets with clasps and anklet chains need to hang freely around the ankle for ease of motion. Thicker anklet chains and anklets with large beads fit best with an inch or more added to the measurement of your ankle. 
  • Metric: Run your centimeters through an online mm-to-inch calculator to find the corresponding US sizes. 
  • The final test: Testing your size before you buy is an important step to getting the perfect fit the first time. Once you have chosen your anklet size - test it. Fasten a string or chain around your ankle and flex your foot back and forth or walk up and down a few stairs. If these actions stress or pull the string, make a new, larger test-size and try again, until you find the best fit.

Adjustability: A person's ankles, even more so than a person's wrists can fluctuate in size. Anklets that feature lobster lock clasps have extra finishing rings at the end for adjustability. For anklets of this type, order the size that fits best and we’ll add a little extra for you.