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Interview with the Celtic Copper Elves about being your Jeweler

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The Celtic Copper Elves are both mystical and indespensible when it comes to making Celtic Copper Jewelry

The Elves and I were interviewed by GoSolo. They were interested in our e-commerce journey as an independent jewelry studio. They asked for insights about making it our business to be the business who makes your favorite copper jewelry.

GoSolo is an inspiration center by Subkit that helps entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs find their way to success. They promote partnership marketing and cross-brand collaborations as the best way to grow your e-commerce business.

With the skill of the Elves, we could have manifested a lucrative career in any of the Arts. It is our delight in metals, gems and jewels that has kept us focused on making jewelry for over thirty years. To us the simple ritual of self-adornment is innately satisfying, especially when you are the jeweler.

In the interview I talk about the one question that kept me on the path to becoming a career jewelry artist. It’s the same question the Elves and I ask ourselves before any major decision.

Follow the link if you’d like to read the full interview.

Celtic Copper Jewelry is made in America.


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