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Get a Grip on Copper Bracelets

Do copper bracelets actually relieve inflammation or is it simply a case of Psychosomatic Wellness?

Perpetual pain relief with one low payment? A reliable endorphin-producing psychosomatic wellness placebo under twenty bucks? Sign me up.

If you would like to try a copper bracelet to see if it works to tame your aches and pains the Elves and I will pay the shipping on qualifying orders. Yet beware, free shipping could be just another ploy to introduce you to the benefits of natural non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain management. You’ll never know unless you try it.  

The scientific research on whether or not copper is an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is so far inconclusive. The only claim we make is about the quality of our copper jewelry. Honestly though I’ve only seen the abstracts on those studies on places like which invariably associate the anti-inflammatory results of wearing copper bracelets with the placebo group wearing anodized aluminum.

So the question remains, does copper really reduce inflammation within the body or is it all in your head. Think about this estimate. Positive health gains via the “Placebo Effect” range from up to 60% to the average of around 30% for the people using them. Patented drugs only have to fare half again as well as a placebo to be labeled as clinically effective and their listed side effects can be as extreme as heart attack and death.

There’s no need to consult with a pharmacist about the contraindications of wearing a copper bracelet while taking prescription medications. With copper the only risks are a washable blue mark on the skin and localized itchiness if you have metal sensitivity.

Copper is too safe and too cheap to ignore when it comes to alternatives for pain relief. A typical copper bracelet costs less than a bottle of 600mg Ibuprofen and lasts considerably longer.

We asked our Elves, who know the Dwarves who live down in the deep earth where all gems and metals come from if they knew why copper is soothing to human aches and pains. They said copper harmonizes the energy flow within humans, plants, animals and other systems due to what they called an electro-magno-chemical reaction. I’m going to have to take them on their word for that insight just like we do with our customers who swear by copper as a daily remedy for pain.

There is no guarantee that wearing a copper bracelet chain will help you relieve your joint pain or swollen hands. In the end you may just be stuck with an attractive piece of well-made copper jewelry that only looks good. This blog post could turn out to be nothing more than a well-placed piece of propaganda trying to sweep you into the world of Psychosomatic Wellness for our own financial gain. In fact it probably is but I still think you should go for it.

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