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Perfect Fit for Online Anklets

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Here’s an important fashion fact for ordering jewelry online: Your ANKLET SIZE and your ANKLE SIZE are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. 
To get the perfect fit the first time there are a few details you’ll need to consider before ordering an anklet online.One of the easiest way to find your anklet size is to measure an ankle chain that you know already fits comfortably. Otherwise, getting the best fitting anklet takes a little calculation.

First find out how the size of a piece of jewelry is listed. Usually, the listed jewelry size describes the length of the item, not the size of the intended wrist or ankle. Celtic Copper chain descriptions pertain to the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp if it has one.

Size also depends on how you like to wear your anklet. For a more a relaxed fit that rests below the ankle bone, add more than an inch. For a snug fit that sits near the thinnest part of the ankle, add less than an inch. Elasticized anklets are the only style of copper anklet that we recommend in a snug fitting size. Otherwise, the natural movement of the anklet can stress the finishing rings of the clasp and break the findings of the ankle chain. See more information about getting the perfect fit on our size chart page. 

All of our solid copper anklet clasp options come with extra rings at the end, except for the toggle clasp. As an example, if you have a 10-inch anklet that works well for you, order a 10-inch anklet. Your new anklet will be 10-inches, plus a few extra finishing rings for adjustability. Anklets can fluctuate in size. Order the size that fits best, and we’ll add a little extra for you. 

Get the best fitting anklet with the Perfect Fit Formula: ANKLE SIZE + ONE INCH = ANKLET SIZE

Measure: Wrap a tape measure, string or folded piece of paper around the ankle behind above the ankle bone.

Modify: Note the size of your ankle, the type of fit you prefer and the thickness of the chosen anklet.

Math: Add approximately one inch to the ankle measurement to calculate the best fitting anklet size.

Math-Free-Method: Measure an anklet that you know already fits comfortably around your ankle!

Try it! Once you have chosen your anklet size - test it. Fasten a string or chain around your ankle and flex your foot back and forth or walk up and down a few stairs. If these actions stress or pull the string, make a new, larger test-size and try again until you find the best fit. Testing your size before you buy is an important step to getting the perfect fit the first time. 

Buy it! Try the Perfect Fit Formula for online jewelry shopping today and get a 10% discount on any of our solid copper anklets, from now until the next Celtic Copper Blog Post. Get happy feet! Log in and save with the ten-toe discount: coupon code 10TOEDISCOUNT.

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