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Half-Off Selected Copper Jewelry Chains

We thought lockdown in Washington State might be placid, quiet, even slightly boring but Nooo. . . Our tea-totaling Elves have to start drinking coffee to keep up with the activity of increased customer requests for solid copper jewelry. 

The Elves have been burning the midnight oil to get things done and orders out. They also took the time to weave together all our precious scraps and remnants into copper bracelets and copper lanyard chains to give-out free to baristas, grocery checkers, and other team members of our essential workforce. 

On the last foray to town we handed out our batches of copper jewelry. I included a short note explaining why some random lady just handed them an envelope of copper chains addressed with only a shiny gold-heart sticker. 

Our Snohomish studio has something addressed with a shiny gold-heart sticker for you too. Coupon Code: SNOHOMISH5050 is a fifty-percent off coupon good on all our bead-chain jewelry. We think it's a great time for a big sale on inexpensive copper jewelry. 

If you've been thinking that it might be a good time to wear an anti-viral copper bracelet right now, we'd like to to think about buying 2 and wearing one on each hand. A medium weight 36-inch copper bead-chain makes a great lanyard and a great gift, especially at half price. 

Be sure to use coupon-code SNOHOMISH5050 at check-out (good until the next blog post). . . and be sure to follow health advisories & wash your hands, even if you do wear copper. 

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