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Celtic Copper

Copper Jump Rings Medium 16g Jewelry Supplies JSJ107 Jewelry Making & Jewelry Repair 7.5mm 10-Pack


These sturdy jump rings are made from round 1.2mm thick copper wire. They are made by winding copper wire around a three-sixteenth-inch mandrel. The coil is then cut down the middle, and the rings “jump” off. That’s why they are called jump-rings.

Our medium 7.5mm rings have an inside diameter of approximately 5mm. The outside diameter of the ring is about 7.5mm. They make an excellent choice for putting together larger earrings, finishing chains, and creating other solid copper projects and accessories.

Each package contains ten rings. All of our finishing rings are made from pure, solid, raw, red copper.

Ring size dimensions:
4.9mm ID - inside diameter 3/16” = .19” = 4.9mm
7.5mm OD - outside diameter approximately 7.5mm
AR 3.1 – aspect ratio

Wire size dimension:
1.2mm - wire thickness 0.05" = 1.2mm
16g – AWG American Standard Gauge (18g SWG)

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