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Clasps Hold It All Together

Ode to Clasps . . .
“A lobster on your Cuban link, an S-hook on your scroll, a shepherd for your Figaro, and jump rings on them all. Double-hooks and toggles, a folder-over for your chain, clasps hold it all together then open up again.”

Celtic Copper Solid Copper Fold Over Clasp NCC79


Custom style options are one of the unique features of our jewelry studio . . . besides being inhabited by rhyming, copper-smithing elves. Buying a copper bracelet from us is like having a tailored suit made for your wrist. You can choose the chain-style, like you would the fabric.

Then, like the buttons, buckles, and bows, we offer a selection of stylish well-made clasps to hold it all together. At Celtic Copper you get the chain you want, in a size that fits best, expertly finished with the clasp you most desire. 

Here is a list of clasps for each weight of chain: 

  • Fine chain clasps: fold-over, lobster-lock, s-hook
  • Medium chain clasps: fold-over, lobster-lock, s-hook, toggle
  • Heavy chain clasps: fold-over, lobster-lock, s-hook, double-hook
  • Extra heavy chain clasps: lobster-lock, double-hook 

At Celtic Copper the cut and style of your style are up to you not the trend of the day. If you happen to have an average build with a wrist somewhere between 6-8 inches you can shop a multitude of variations off the rack, so to speak. If you need something special we offer made-to-order copper anklet, bracelet, and necklace chains with custom sizing. 

Always get a custom look and feel when it comes to solid copper jewelry. Both our standard size jewelry and custom sized chains have custom clasp style options.





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