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Solid Copper Necklace With Tektite Pendant And Handmade Copper Pipeline Beads, Copper Necklace From Outer Space - Celtic Copper

Celtic Copper

Solid Copper Necklace With Tektite Pendant And Handmade Copper Pipeline Beads, Copper Necklace From Outer Space


The Pipeline Solid Copper Bead Necklace features a clean smooth line of copper with an intriguing flair. Intricate handmade pipeline beads from India and 6mm shiny round American made beads weave the exciting visual texture around a dark green free-form centerpiece from outer space.

Necklace size: 19-inches
Tektite centerpiece: approximately 1-inch

The beaded portion of the Pipeline Solid Copper Bead Necklace is strung onto a strong flexible and durable 49 strand cable for maximum drape and finished with a comfortable long wearing solid copper medium Celtic scroll chain with your choice of clasp style.

Choose from the shepherd-hook, lobster-lock, toggle-clasp and fold-over clasp. The solid copper shepherd-hook clasp is a timeless jewelry arts design. The simple solid-state hook can be secured with a light squeeze. The decorative coil around the shepherd-hook clasp adds friction and safety to its closure.

The lobster-lock, made of plated copper is our most popular lightweight and medium chain closure. To operate, the spring-loaded lever is pulled back with a fingernail, hooked onto the end-ring of the chain and then released to close.

The solid copper toggle clasp works by passing the bar-end of the clasp through the loop-end of the clasp. When pulled back, the bar hold tight against the loop. With practice, the toggle clasp can be easily fastened with one hand.

The solid copper fold-over clasp has an open-and-closing hinge that makes it easy to operate. The snap-shut closure lets you know with a little click when the clasp is secured. We find that as it wears the “snap” of the fold-over clasp gets less snappy. If you are mindful and crafty the mechanism can be squeezed and tightened again many times. We offer this clasp by customer request.

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