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Set of Two Fine Figaro Copper Anklet Chains, SET41A Matching Set of 2 Solid Copper Anklets

Celtic Copper

Set of Two Fine Figaro Copper Anklet Chains, SET41A Matching Set of 2 Solid Copper Anklets


Get a set of two copper anklets at one special price! Our customers tell us that wearing a copper jewelry set helps them feel harmonized and gives them happy feet. Select your size and preferred clasp style and we'll make you a matching set of solid copper anklets described below.

Figaro chain is distinctive to Italian design. The voguish look of Figaro's long and short pattern became popular in the revolutionary times of the late 1700s. In today’s changing times the Figaro chain remains a fashion statement of independence and style.

Like other Celtic Copper chains, our Figaro is made in America out of pure, solid copper. Unlike our other chains, each link of the Figaro chain is soldered shut for extra strength. Unalloyed copper is a soft, malleable metal. Soldering the links closed and then tooling the raw copper makes the chain harder and more durable. Our fine Figaro is a light, airy feeling chain with a powerful presence.

Chain link dimension: Chain width is approximately an eighth of an inch.
Long link: 4x10mm
Short link: 4x5mm

Celtic Copper anklets, like the fine Figaro chain anklet feature clasps and extra finishing rings that allow for adjustability. A person's ankles, even more so than a person's wrists can fluctuate in size. Order your anklet in the size that fits best, and we’ll add a little extra for you.

Choose from two styles of solid copper fasteners. Select the shepherd hook clasp or the lobster lock clasp. The shepherd hook clasp is a timeless solid-state design that can be secured with a light squeeze. The lobster lock clasp has a spring-loaded lever that pulls back to open, then closes automatically when released.

Celtic Copper bracelet, anklet and necklace chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp. Our Solid Copper Fine Figaro Chain Anklet comes in three standard sizes:

9-inch anklet
10-inch anklet
11-inch anklet

Remember, the size of your anklet and your anklet-size are two different things.
For more information about getting the best fitting jewelry, visit our Sizes Page

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