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Set of 2 Copper Fine Bead Chain Anklets | Matching Jewelry Set of Two Solid Copper Ankle Chains SET24A

Celtic Copper

Set of 2 Copper Fine Bead Chain Anklets | Matching Jewelry Set of Two Solid Copper Ankle Chains SET24A


Get a set of two copper anklets at one special price! Our customers tell us that wearing a copper jewelry set helps them feel harmonized and gives them happy feet. This listing is for a matching set of two anklets as described below.

The Celtic Copper Solid Copper 2.4mm Bead Chain Anklet is our most comfortable and easy to wear copper ankle chain. So comfortable in fact, that some of our customers wear them continuously, even while they sleep. The Bead Chain Anklet closes smoothly and securely with a classic ball chain connector, so there is nothing to catch or snag.

Fine Copper Bead Chain Dimensions:
Ball Diameter: 3/32" (2.4 mm)
Bead Style: Round
Metal: Solid Copper

Selecting the correct size is important when choosing this style because the bead chain’s clasp is not adjustable. An ankle chain that fits too tightly chain can cause stress on the connections and cause the anklet to break.

Words like medium and large can cover a lot of ground, and at other times not enough. That’s why we size our jewelry in inches and millimeters, rather than S, M, and L, so you can get the best fit no matter what your size. Our anklet twin set comes in three standard sizes:

9-inch anklet
10-inch anklet
11-inch anklet

If you are uncertain of your exact size, we suggest buying a larger size. Once you try on the anklet, the chain can be cut down in size with regular household scissors.

An extended range of custom and half-sizes are available here:

Remember, the size of your anklet and your anklet-size are two different things. For further information about getting a good fit, visit our Sizes Page.

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