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Goddess Rising Roll On Fragrance Oil HAGRR1 Soft Sensual White Musk Perfume Of Empowerment


Goddess Rising Roll On Fragrance Oil HAGRR1 Soft Sensual White Musk Perfume Of Empowerment


The ethereal mixture of exotic florals, woods and musk combine for an scent that creates a surprisingly well-grounded feel. The soft, persuasive aroma of Goddess Rising Perfume rests close to the skin and changes with personal chemistry.

Be aware that this aroma will evoke the power of the divine feminine force within you. Goddess Rising Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil is well known for its ability to arouse deep instinctual energy and desire. Infused with rare scents and incantations, the aroma of Goddess Rising stirs the feminine spirit and awakens the goddess within.

Circle Green’s aromatherapy products use all natural ingredients and essences. Goddess Rising is one of the few fragrances that include a synthesized perfume oil as part of its recipe. This empowering potion is blended with both botanical elements and aromatic chemical components.

Part of the secret to Goddess Rising’s sensual, life-affirming vibration is the addition of White Musk, a finely folded fragrance oil with the smooth, sweet earthy appeal of traditional musk. White Musk is produced without the need for any actual animal parts, namely the Musk Deer, African Civets, Sperm Whales, or Beaver. So while appealing to our own deepest animal nature, the making of this aphrodisiac perfume remains kind to our animal friends.

Goddess Rising Roll On Fragrance Oil is a blend of premium fragrance, pre-diluted in a base of moisturizing coconut oil for safe topical use. Apply to pulse points for personal aromatherapy. Bottled exclusively in Snohomish, Washington.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil and premium fragrance oil.
(petroleum free, paraben free, alcohol free and cruelty free)
Safe for most skin types, intended for external use only.

Listing is for 10ml of aromatic oil in a glass bottle with roller-ball applicator and black no-spill cap.

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