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Goddess Rising Natural Perfume Oil Roll On for Women AGR510 Organic Aromatic Oil Personal Fragrance

Circle Green

Goddess Rising Natural Perfume Oil Roll On for Women AGR510 Organic Aromatic Oil Personal Fragrance


Goddess Rising is a multilayer aroma with lingering bottom notes of Sandalwood and Champa that make this fragrance indispensable to the women who wear it. The addition of exotic oils and a whisper of Egyptian musk produce a subtle yet captivating personal fragrance. This natural roll-on perfume oil is an alchemical formula designed to stir the feminine spirit and awaken the goddess within. 

Goddess Rising Organic Fragrance Oil Blend is a skin-safe blend of perfume oil diluted in an organic scent-free coconut oil base. Roll it onto your wrists, underarms, bosom, and panty line.

The warmth of these pulse points will release the aromatic essence and aroma of your signature scent. The scent of natural perfumes oils stays close to the skin to envelope your personal sphere with sweetness. 

Individual chemistry alters the overtones of the Goddess Rising’s scent and becomes unique to the wearer. Be aware of the divine feminine force the aroma contained within the vibration of this fragrance. Goddess Rising Perfume Oil is well known for its ability to arouse deep sensual energy. 

This empowering perfume is blended with botanical elements and aromatic chemical components to take the place of actual musk, so that while appealing to our own animal nature the making of this aphrodisiac remains kind to our animal friends. 

Ingredients: Caprylic/capric triglycerides (fractionated coconut oil), Goddess Rising premium fragrance oil, and a few secret whisperings. (petroleum-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free) Bottled in Snohomish, Washington exclusively by Circle Green. Made in the USA. 

This listing is for natural roll-on perfume oil in a recyclable glass bottle with roller ball applicator tip and black screw-top cap. Choose from either 5ml or 10ml sized perfume bottle.

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