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Celtic Copper

Custom Sized Solid Copper Fine Figaro Chain Anklet AC41, Lightweight Comfortable Adjustable Copper Anklet Chain


Figaro chain is distinctive to Italian design. The voguish look of Figaro's long and short pattern became popular in the revolutionary times of the late 1700's. Italian jewelry makers of the day began referring to their chain style as Figaro in tribute to the popular operas the Marriage of Figaro and the Barber of Seville. This unique style has been referred to as Figaro chain ever since. Our 100% pure copper Figaro chain is made in the USA by a family owned company established by old world craftsmen.

Our Figaro chain jewelry comes in an attractive medium chain weight that is both strong and light. Each section of long and short links measures approximately half an inch (15mm) long. The width of the chain measures one eighth of an inch (4mm). Copper Figaro chain is available as an anklet, bracelet and necklace. Celtic Copper Anklet Chains feature additional links for adjustability.

Anklet Sizes:
The size of your anklet and your anklet-size are two different things. Celtic Copper bracelet, anklet and necklace chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp. Celtic Copper offers three standard sizes and numerous custom sizing options. Custom jewelry is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

How To Find Your Best Fitting Anklet Size:
Measure an ankle chain that you know already fits comfortably or take a new measurement. Wrap a tape measure, string or folded piece of paper around your ankle just above the ankle bone. Add approximately one inch to the measurement of your ankle to calculate your best fitting anklet size. For a snug fit add less than an inch, for a more relaxed fit add approximately an inch-and-a-half. Thicker anklet chains and anklets with large beads fit best with an inch or more added to the measurement of your ankle.

Testing your size before you buy is an important step to getting the perfect fit the first time. Once you have chosen your anklet size - test it. Fasten a string or chain around your ankle and flex your foot back and forth or walk up and down a few stairs. If these actions stress or pull the string, make a new, larger test-size and try again. Elastic beaded anklets can flex and comfortably hug the ankle more closely than non-stretchy anklets. Beaded anklets with clasps and anklet chains need to hang freely around the ankle for ease of motion.

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