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Celtic Copper

Copper Necklace with Winged Heart Angel Pendant, Phoenix Love Pendant on a Copper Necklace Chain, Sufi Heart Copper Necklace


Let your heart soar a little higher on the pure copper wings of the Winged Heart Copper Angel Pendant Necklace from Celtic Copper. The pure copper heart pendant measures about an inch across and hangs approximately an inch and three eights (35mm) high with the jump ring bail. This piece of jewelry is beautiful expression of love and freedom and makes an angelic reminder of faith in our heavenly winged helpers.

The Celtic Copper Winged Heart Copper Angel Pendant is cast in solid copper. Besides it’s implication as a secular world symbol, the winged heart is the traditional symbol of Universal Sufism. Rumi is the most famous Sufi poet and philosopher. The beauty of the copper winged heart pendant echoes the message of Rumi’s ecstatic prose of love. No matter what the origin or perspective, the Celtic Copper Winged Heart Copper Pendant Necklace is a sure sign of the power of Love.

Celtic Copper pendant necklaces come ready to wear on a black satin cord or simple solid copper ball chain. Choose the long black satin cord with a knot tied in the back for easy over-the-head wear, or have your pendant charm strung onto a solid copper ball-chain in the length of your choice.

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