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Copper Cuban Curb Medium Weight 5mm Chain Bracelet BCC72 | Solid Copper Cuban Curb Chain Bracelet for Men and Women

Celtic Copper

Copper Cuban Curb Medium Weight 5mm Chain Bracelet BC72 Solid Copper Cuban Curb Chain Bracelet


The clean, simple line of curb chain makes this copper bracelet a classic addition to any jewelry collection. Bold enough to be noticed yet light and easy to wear, the Celtic Copper medium-fine copper curb chain bracelet measures a slim quarter-of- an-inch wide (5mm) with seven copper links to every one-inch (2.5cm) section. Like our other solid copper curb chain, the medium-fine weight chain is made up of unsoldered butted links.

The medium-fine pure copper Cuban curb chain bracelet is one of our best choices for fashion, comfort and value. This versatile chain is available as an ankle chain, bracelet and necklace so you can order a matching set of copper chain jewelry.

Chain width: 5mm
Link size: 5 x 6mm

We offer a choice of solid copper clasp styles for each weight of copper chain we carry. Please indicate your clasp preference with a note during checkout, otherwise, we'll select an appropriate clasp at random.

Clasp choices for medium chains:
fold-over clasp
lobster lock clasp
shepherd hook clasp
toggle clasp

The solid copper shepherd-hook clasp is a timeless jewelry arts design. The simple solid-state hook can be secured with a light squeeze. The decorative coil around the shepherd-hook clasp adds friction and safety to its closure.

The copper-plated lobster-lock clasp is our most popular lightweight and medium chain closure. To operate, the spring-loaded lever is pulled back with a fingernail, hooked onto the end-ring of the chain and then released to close.

The solid copper toggle clasp works by passing the bar-end of the clasp through the loop-end of the clasp. When pulled back, the bar hold tight against the loop. With practice, the toggle clasp can be easily fastened with one hand.

The solid copper fold-over clasp has an open-and-closing hinge that makes it easy to operate. The snap-shut closure lets you know with a little click when the clasp is secured. We find that as it wears the “snap” of the fold-over clasp gets less snappy. If you are mindful and crafty the mechanism can be squeezed and tightened again many times.

Bracelet Sizes: Celtic Copper bracelet, anklet, and necklace chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp.

Your bracelet-size and your wrist-size are two different things.
How To Find Your Best Fitting Bracelet Size:
Measure a bracelet that you know already fits comfortably or take a new measurement. Wrap a tape measure, string or folded piece of paper around the wrist just behind the wrist bone. Add approximately one inch to the measurement of your wrist to calculate your best fitting bracelet size. For a snug fit add less than an inch, for a more relaxed fit add up to an inch-and-a-half. Thick bracelet chains and bracelets with extra large beads fit best with an inch or more added to the measurement of your wrist.

Celtic Copper jewelry is wrapped in tissue and placed in an embossed pine green jewelry box for an attractive presentation. The recycled paperboard box and the high quality, handmade jewelry inside it are both made in the USA.

Visit WWW.CELTICCOPPER.COM for our full collection of solid copper jewelry.

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