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More Designs

Get the best copper jewelry collection on the web. 

The Elves and I would like you to meet our friend Isidro, the Hammering Man. His copper and mixed metal work is outstanding.

Meet my friend Shannon at Celtic Copper. She and her Elves have the best selection of solid copper chains that I’ve seen.

We are both jewelry designers who make our living at the jewelry bench. We’ve known each other for a good long time from vending our wares at the same area markets.

We get to chat about copper at the Everett Farmer’s Market almost every Sunday in the summertime. Our work compliments each other, and we felt that our customers, (you!) would enjoy seeing new designs from another studio known for its excellent craftsmanship.  

Celtic Copper and the Hammering Man both deal in the highest quality of both materials and design when it comes to copper, gold and silver jewelry, yet both are uniquely different. We hope you enjoy perusing new styles, fashion and custom options offered at each designer’s site.

See a new collection of high-quality copper and custom jewelry by clicking an image below. A new window and website will open.