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Custom Solid Copper Medium Celtic Scroll Chain Necklace NC66, Copper Necklace Chain In Choice Of Clasp And Length

Celtic Copper

Custom Size Copper Chain Necklace NC66M Medium Celtic Scroll Chain 5mm Solid Copper Necklace Chain


The pure copper scroll style necklace has an interesting look reminiscent of Celtic knot work designs. Each link is made of two interlocking pieces of solid copper to create an oval link that measures a half an inch long by a quarter of an inch wide (15x5mm). Our Medium Celtic Scroll Chain Necklace is made of pure healing copper like the rest of our quality copper jewelry. 

  • Chain width: 5 mm
  • Material: solid copper

Choose both the length of the necklace and the style of clasp you prefer. Select from the lobster-lock, toggle-clasp and fold-over clasp. 

The lobster-lock, made of plated copper is our most popular lightweight and medium chain closure. To operate, the spring-loaded lever is pulled back with a fingernail, hooked onto the end-ring of the chain and then released to close.

The solid copper toggle clasp works by passing the bar-end of the clasp through the loop-end of the clasp. When pulled back, the bar hold tight against the loop. With practice, the toggle clasp can be easily fastened with one hand.

The solid copper fold-over clasp has an open-and-closing hinge that makes it easy to operate. The snap-shut closure lets you know with a little click when the clasp is secured. We find that as it wears the “snap” of the fold-over clasp gets less snappy. If you are mindful and crafty the mechanism can be squeezed and tightened again many times.

Celtic Copper necklace chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece to the nearest inch, including the clasp. Celtic Copper offers three standard sizes and numerous custom sizing options. Custom size jewelry is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

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