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Custom Size Men' Solid Copper Necklace Chain Heavy Duty Cuban Curb Necklace NC79 Men's Custom Copper Necklaces

Celtic Copper

Custom Size Copper Necklace Chain CN79M Men’s Heavy Duty 14mm Copper Cuban Curb Chain Necklace


Weighty and wonderful in pure, solid copper, this bold and hefty necklace is a statement piece made with our chunkiest chain style. It comes with a heavy-duty clasp and hefty jump-ring ends. The rounded oval links have a smooth flat top that catches the light to show off its pure copper luster. Want a length that's not on the list - just let us know.

The chain is made up of unsoldered, butted links and has a smooth weighty feel. The heavy copper curb chain link measures just over one half-inch wide (14 mm) by almost three quarters of an inch long (14 mm x 18 mm). The rounded oval links have a smooth flat top that catches the light to show off its pure copper luster.

Chain Width: just over one half-inch wide (.55” = 14 mm).
Chain Link Measurement: (14 mm x 18 mm) just over one half-inch (.55”) wide by just shy of three quarters of an inch (0.71”) long.

WARNING! – This is a big and beefy heavy-duty chain. If you’re shopping for a nice and heavy men’s copper chain, we suggest you consider our medium-heavy curb chain, unless you’re looking for a very, very heavy copper men’s chain. The only reason this chain is ever returned is because it’s bigger than expected.

Get the perfect fit. Take the time to choose length of chain and style of closure that suit you best. Celtic Copper offers four weights of copper Cuban chain: fine, medium, heavy and extra heavy, our thickest chunkiest copper chain. Each style can accommodate a wide selection of fastening options. All of the clasp styles are mounted onto our solid copper chains with solid copper connection rings that meet and or surpass industry standards of quality.

Get The Perfect Clasp.
Select a clasp style to complete the look:

Fold Over Clasp - The fold-over clasp opens on a hinge to twice its length and snaps shut to close. Fold-over clasps are quality marked with the words solid copper. The friction of the closure can be adjusted and tightened by gently pressing the folded-over edge at the end of the clasp towards back towards the hinge.

Shepherd Hook Clasp - The solid state shepherd hook and “S” hook clasp is secured with a light squeeze. The decorative ball end of the shepherd hook clasp adds friction and safety to its closure as well as comfort.
Toggle Bar Clasp -The toggle clasp is a simple bar and loop closure with easy operation. Insert the bar sideways through the loop and pull back to catch.

Sister Hook Clasp: The swivel-hook clasp is a sturdy set of double hooks that open and close on a rivet. the clasp is twice its length when open.

Get The Perfect Size
Celtic Copper chains are available in lengths suitable for anklets, bracelets and necklaces and can be special ordered in any custom length. Get the perfect fit by using the style chart for necklaces and measuring guidelines for copper bracelets and anklets. Custom size jewelry is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Chain Necklaces
Note that the common approximation is to allow a half inch of drape per inch of necklace length, so if your neck measures 13 inches, a 16-inch necklace will drape about 1.5 inches below the base of your throat. If your build is larger or smaller than average, you may wish to size up or down accordingly.

Made in the USA
Celtic Copper designs with a Nordic inspiration. Our products are crafted with the Viking values of strength and beauty. Our jewelry is handmade in our Pacific Northwest studio from exclusive chain designs and findings manufactured in the USA by a family owned company in the heartland of America.

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