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Celtic Copper

Set of 2 Medium Cuban Curb Chain Anklets ACC72SET Set of Two Matching Adjustable Solid Copper Ankle Chains


Our customers tell us that wearing a copper jewelry set helps them feel harmonized and gives them happy feet. Get a set of two matching copper anklets at one special price!

Each link of the Celtic scroll chain is made with two interlocking pieces of solid copper. No solder is used to keep the scroll links together, only pressure and precision polish. The result is smooth, oval link chain with a low profile that is both classically Celtic and universally casual.

Chain width 5mm
Link dimensions: 5 x 6mm

The Medium Celtic Scroll Chain Anklet measures just under a quarter of an inch wide, about as thick as a regular pencil. Medium weight chain is a great choice for people who are looking for something comfortable that is a little more rugged than regular lightweight anklet chains.

Complete the look with a custom clasp. Choose between the shepherd hook clasp or the lobster lock clasp.

The lobster lock clasp has a spring loaded lever that pulls back to open, then closes automatically when released. The shepherd hook clasp is a timeless solid state design that can be secured with a light squeeze.

Copper anklet chains that feature lobster and shepherd hook clasps have extra finishing rings the that allow for adjustability. Order your anklet with a lobster or shepherd hook clasp in the size that fits best, and we’ll add a little extra for you.

Toggle clasps (shown) are available with our medium weight chains. Toggles are two-piece clasps made of a ring and bar. Toggle clasps are not adjustable like the other clasp options.

Our Solid Copper Fine Scroll Chain Anklet comes in three standard sizes:

9-inch anklet
10-inch anklet
11-inch anklet
Celtic Copper chain sizes describe the whole length of the jewelry piece, including the clasp.

When ordering, please remember, the size of your anklet and your anklet-size are two different things. View the Sizes Page for more tips on getting the best fit.

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