Our handmade solid copper jewelry is currently AVAILABLE ONLY IN THE US & CANADA (Limited 30+ day international delivery available.)
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Copper Earrings With Colorful Gemstones And Handmade Pipeline Copper Beads celtic-copper-jewelry.myshopify.com

Celtic Copper

Copper Earrings With Hematite Gemstone Beads And Handmade Pipeline Copper Beads


The cool, heavy, steel-grey shine of Hematite has an unmistakable appeal that makes it a perennial customer favorite. The hematite and solid copper earrings have a handmade beads and genuine 6mm gemstone accents. Grey and black adds depth to the antiques copper finish and is one of the most useful colors in your wardrobe palette.

Copper Earrings With Hematite And Handmade Copper Bead Drops have a captivating carefree style that makes them very popular with our fashion conscious clientele. The intricate, handmade copper beads from India and shiny, 6mm round gemstone beads weave an exciting visual texture.

Copper Earrings With Hematite And Handmade Copper Beads are available as shown in a gleaming solid all-copper design as well as with genuine colored gemstone accents in their design. Coordinating copper necklaces, bracelets and anklets are also available individually and as matching jewelry sets.

The wire wrapped beaded ornaments of these elegantly casual copper drop style earrings measure approximately one inch high all by themselves (25mm). With the stud style earring option, the copper beaded earrings measure one and one quarter inch (32mm). The same style beaded copper earrings measure one and three quarters inch (45mm) from top to bottom when finished with pure copper or surgical steel fishhook ear-wire findings.

Hematite Stone Meaning:
Hematite is the mineral form of Iron. It shares the symbol of Mars and man. The feminine energies of Copper and the masculine aspects of Iron make a dynamic pair of energy conductors when worn together. When cut into a round shape, gemstones radiate a soft bright energy. Its Moh’s scale of hardness is 5.5-6.5.

Select an earring finding that fits your style and comfort.

• Copper Ear Wires – slim gauge copper French-wire style ear wires with a round 3mm copper accent bead for pierced ears

• Post Style Earrings – 5mm round copper-plated ball stud post with surgical steel post and clutch for pierced ears

• Surgical Steel Wires - slim gauge surgical steel French-wire style ear wires with a round 3mm copper accent bead for pierced ears

• Clip Style – hinged back copper clip style earring findings with shell design for individuals with metal sensitivity and non-pierced ears

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