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Celtic Copper

Men’s Heavy Solid Copper Celtic Scroll Chain Bracelet Exclusive Design BC69


The symmetry and interlocking balance of the scroll chain design is shown off to its best advantage here in this bold copper bracelet chain. Every oval link of this rare classic chain style is dapped on both sides giving it a surprisingly low, comfortable profile for its size. The links of the bracelet measure seven-eighths of an inch long (22mm) by three-eighths of an inch wide (9mm). When ordering thicker necklace chains and wide bracelet chains its best to go a little larger, rather than smaller when selecting a size.

The solid copper chain bracelet comes equipped with a heavy-duty clasp and a hefty jump ring finishing. This solid copper scroll chain is the heaviest of the three scroll chain styles available at Celtic Copper.
Men’s Heavy Solid Copper Celtic Scroll Chain Bracelet is an exclusive design. We will no longer be able to this style once it sells out. We have a very limited quantiy.

Choose from either the solid copper swivel-hook or S-hook clasp to finish the ends of your chain. The swivel-hook clasp is a sturdy set of double hooks that open and close on a rivet. The solid-state “S” hook clasp is secured with a light squeeze. "S" hook clasps may vary in style from the one pictured.

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