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Celtic Copper

Heavy-Duty Curb Chain by the Foot, Bulk Chain, Jewelry Supplies and Findings for Men's Jewelry, Bracelets & Necklaces F79


Celtic Copper Heavy-Duty Copper Curb Chain has a classic enduring style that remains a favorite among customers. Celtic copper chains are made of solid, red copper with no other coating than a light lacquer finish to keep the copper bright.

Weighty and wonderfully, buy our chunkiest copper chain by the foot and make statement jewelry in our most popular style of men’s copper chain. Our exclusive chain designs are made in America using precision old world chain-making machinery.

Chain Dimensions
Chain Link: 13.11 x 17.74 mm
( .52 x .70 inches )
Thickness of wire used: 3.65 mm

The heavy duty copper curb chain link measures just over one half-inch wide (14 mm x 16 mm). The chain is made up of unsoldered, butted links and has a smooth weighty feel. The rounded oval links have a smooth flat top that catches the light to show off its pure copper luster.

Choose the length of your chain in multiples of 1-foot sections.
Chain will be measured and cut in one continuous piece on most all orders. The quantity you order is the number of feet you will receive. We have more chain in stock than is listed here. Celtic Copper's solid copper bulk chain is sold by the twelve-inch foot and comes in one continuous piece when ordered by multiple lengths.

Check the dimensions of the chain with the measurement details of your specific jewelry arts project when ordering bulk chain and findings. We use a one-cent coin as a standard visual size reference in our product images. US pennies are exactly 0.75 inches (19.05 mm) tall. No returns or exchanges are accepted for unfinished chains bought by the foot. All bulk chain sales are final.

Celtic Copper will go to any length for quality fashion. Our high quality designer jewelry chains can be ordered in lengths suitable for bracelets, anklets, necklace chains, waistcoats and decorative belly chains. We cut it to your specification for a perfect fit and finish it smoothly with your choice of quality copper fasteners. Order a matching jewelry accessory in the same style of chain for a perfect set.


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