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Shannon and the helpful elves of Celtic Copper
We appreciate your interest, your business and support. It means the world to us. Thank you!

Contact Shannon or the elves by email at: shannon@celticcopper.com

Call by phone at (425) 377-9790 between the hours of 9:00am and 7:00pm Pacific time or
Write to us at Celtic Copper, 715 Baird Avenue, Snohomish, WA 98290

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The Story of Celtic Copper

Marie Svensson is a Seattle area native who has been involved in learning teaching and creating metal art since 1980. At age 15 she began four years of study with a master artisan and teacher named Patrick Maher. She learned the art and science of metallurgy and the equal values of beauty and function. The most important lesson Shannon learned from her teacher was the significance of and unique impression as expressed through their intrinsic style of art.

Shannon opened her first jewelry arts studio in 1990. The bright colors and high energy of crystals and gemstones were a focal point to her jewelry. The study of ancient and cultural adornment also influenced her style. When the therapeutic properties of gem and mineral world became known to Shannon her work deepened. The jewelry she created was designed with symbolic purpose to reflect the timeless healing powers of nature. For many happy years she sold her wares as a silversmith in sunny open air markets and local shops.

Then the warm soothing sheen of Copper caught her eye and the dreamy lunar luster of sterling silver seemed to pale by comparison. The more she worked with the pure malleable metal the more intrigued she became. Copper, the ordinary stuff of pennies and plumbing pipes is actually the sacred metal of Venus, the Goddess Aphrodite. The element of copper bears the identical scientific symbol as does the planet Venus, which by divine providence is also the graphic symbol for woman. Just as Mars is the symbol for man. The beneficial properties of Copper have been praised as a gift from the Goddess for millennia.

Many people wear copper as a reliable remedy for arthritis, inflammation and stiff joints. Copper is also worn as an augment to good health, giving a subtle energizing effect that is described by its wearers as grounding, harmonizing and uplifting. The wearing of copper bracelets is known universally, especially among men, as an enhancement to youthful vigor and stamina.

In 2000 Shannon renamed her studio Celtic Copper and brought her company online with one of the best selections of pure copper jewelry and inspirational designs on the web. Holding true to the values of her art, Celtic Copper offers custom sizing and finishing options to give customers the creative ability to express their own style.

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