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Lucky Charm Copper Penny Pendant
Lucky Charm Copper Penny Pendant

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Code: CPC09
Price: $14.95
Pendant charms come ready to wear on a silky black necklace cord. Have your pendant charm custom mounted on a necklace, anklet or bracelet purchase and save $1.95. Mounting Choice:
Black Satin Cord (as is)
Anklet (purchased separately)
Bracelet (purchased separately)
Necklace (purchased separately)
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No, package this item with other purchases.
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The Lucky Charm Copper Penny Pendant is made from a real United States Lincoln Memorial Penny that has been infused with potent wishes of good fortune. The Lucky Charm Copper Penny Pendant is a genuine piece of Americana. It measures approximately one inch (25mm) high with solid copper jump ring bail. Ironically our real penny charm is the only piece of Celtic Copper jeweler that is not pure copper. 100% pure copper pennies were last minted by the United States in 1857. The year of the pennies used in creating Lucky Charm Copper Penny Pendants are chosen from a random mix of contemporary coins. The Lucky Penny Copper Pendant Charm comes strung on a long black satin cord tied with a knot tied at the back. The Lucky Charm Copper Penny Pendant can also be mounted onto copper chains, bracelets and anklets.

Copper Trivia:
Lincoln Memorial pennies dated before 1982 are made of 95% copper and 5% tin, technically bronze. 1982 was the last year for copper pennies. And the first year for copper clad zinc pennies. They made both types that year, and the only way to tell them apart is by weight -- the zinc pennies are lighter. If the date is 1983 or later, it is made of 97.5% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating.

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